Saturday, July 9, 2011

Photo Book

Since Hill 88 has been painted over a horrible sea green, I thought it was finally time to consolidate my photos from several visits over the years into a photo book. I bought a Groupon for A&I books that was about to expire and decided this was the perfect subject. The demise of Hill 88 marks the end of an era... or at least the end of my favorite SALT piece.

The cover:

And some of the inside pages.

I did a lot of internet research before making this book because I wanted to write an small intro explaining the history of Hill 88. I actually found some awesome links this time around!

A map + explanation of the different parts

And this awesome picture of the geodesic domes. I can't find the original link, but here is another nice picture from the NPS site, and I'm sure I found it on there.

I hope someday artists will return to the hill again - I look forward to it! But I probably won't be returning anytime soon. It makes me sad.

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