Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sketchbook: Complete! (with Frustration)

Last night, I finished my sketchbook. Parts of it (namely, the covers and the idea behind it) I was really proud of, but overall, it was kind of a fail. A mash-up:

I think this was a great rough draft of a book. If I had actually come up with the idea ahead of time, and thoughtfully planned out pages, it would have been much more successful. Unfortunately, last night I was at the stage where anything went; I was making stuff up on the fly and putting in whatever I made with no editing just because I wanted to submit something, anything.

I was really frustrated with the whole Sketchbook experience. Part of that was definitely me procrastinating on finishing (actually, starting) the project. Totally my fault. But I was also frustrated with the project itself. The sketchbook was poor quality and I spent so much time trying to conceptualize how I could improve and build upon those cheap blank pages that I was boxing myself in. I didn't really feel excited about the project until I denounced the book and just remade everything from scratch in the same dimensions. My ideas improved drastically when I started thinking of it as a book arts challenge - unfortunately, that was late in the game. I understand that it's easier when you have someplace to start. I actually wouldn't have signed on for this project if the rules/directions were more vague, such as 'create a book less than 5"x7" in size' - it's good to have someplace explicit to begin. But still, it frustrates me.

Another thing I disliked is how I signed up for this project with the idea that my book would tour the US with a group of others; and not long after I joined, they unveiled this "limited edition" sketchbook project, where they limited the number of entrants. I don't know how this will work; I don't know who or how people will check out my book. But if I had known that there would be a chance for it to tour with a smaller company of books, I wouldn't have rushed to join this one. Still though, maybe it's for the best since I didn't submit my best work.

I don't know. Overall, not too excited about this project in the end, and it's not something I would do again. I'm left feeling unsatisfied and uninspired.

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