Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daily Art Journal Recap

Now that the month is over, how did I fare on this challenge? It was such a fail. Okay, maybe not completely a failure, but I didn’t do so great either. I missed a lot of days and only made up a few of them. I lost focus in the middle/end and had challenges with packing up my art supplies for my move (hence, not completing the last three days of the month). Sometimes I would come up with ideas and be frustrated at my inability to carry them out, whether it was my artistic skill or not having the correct supplies. This was wayyyyy too broad for a daily challenge.

However, there were some positives! I learned a lot about myself and how/when I can create. I learned a ton about structuring daily challenges and have ideas for how to make the next one more doable. Also, I did make some pieces that I was really proud of, and looking back at a lot of these, I can remember what I was thinking and feeling on those days.

A major positive is that I now have some fellow 30daychallenge-ites who can spur me on and keep me on task for the next month. I’ll post links to their blogs on the sidebar.

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