Monday, August 1, 2011

Tessellations! - 30 Day Challenge

I recently re-discovered an amazing book: Designing Tessellations by Jinny Beyer. I think it’s out of print, and I was lucky to find a copy on Etsy.

My goal for this month is to design a tessellation a day. I love geometric designs and am fascinated with repeated needlepoint stitches and repetitive patterns I see around. I began doing some tessellation design accidentally when I went through a phase of cross stitching my name in binary. The abstract design really lent itself to experimentation and I realized I could create larger patterns by rotating and offsetting the “tile” of my name. I like the idea too of taking something meaningful (my name) obscuring it and making it abstract (translating it into binary) and then creating meaning and order again by finding a design.

I hope to work my way through the book, formally learning about the different types of symmetry, and then apply that to my own designs. At the end, if I have a design I really like, I want to have it printed on Spoonflower and create something from it for my new apartment… curtains? pillow? a quilt?

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