Monday, November 7, 2011

Lego R2D2 Earrings + Photoshoot

A quick and long overdue project:

R2D2 keychains + pliers - keyrings + earring hooks = R2D2 earrings!

They took me about 10 minutes tops, and only because I couldn't find my second pair of needle-nose pliers. Since the light in my apartment is notoriously bad for taking pictures of my crafts, I decided to take some shots in natural light at work... somehow, perhaps inspired by Slinkachu, it evolved into a photoshoot. Left to their own devices, what would these little R2s do?

Navigating a tiny staircase

An impossible traverse.

Who would have thought R2 was a boulderer?

Someone found a secret clubhouse.

That was too much fun.

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