Sunday, November 20, 2011

String Art

My first foray into string art! A member of my craft group was leading a DIY workshop during SJMA's Art Rage this past week. When she told me she was planning to do a string art workshop, I made sure to go. String art was popular in the late 60s - it's a kind of art where you use strings to make geometric patterns, often with nails and wood. We did a much simpler version with pins and foam core. My masterpiece:

It'ss supposed to be a meatburger over the letters MBC for Meatburger Cat. This is what I come up with when I'm forced to make an idea on the spot. It took almost 2 hours to make. I also was trying to be artistic by using different thicknesses of string and different pin heights. Kind of a fail! For layers, thick string should definitely go on the bottom. Brighter colors, as well. Otherwise, the bottom layer is obscured. Plus, trying to make the string look uniformly random is super hard.

I think it looks a little better when it's just the letters.

And a shot from the side:

I thought this technique worked pretty well, at least with the shorter sequin pins. When the pins are too long they tip and can't support the tension of the string. I wonder if there is another material - maybe with more layers? - that would work better than foam core.

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