Sunday, March 18, 2012

GOOD Art Challenge: Update 4

Part two of the GOOD challenge updates from this weekend!

6. Sign up for an art class.
I signed up to teach an art class this month. Definitely counts. This weekend, I taught a cross stitching class via Workshop Weekend. I've never formally taught any craft, so this was a completely new experience for me. There ended up being 7 people in my class. It was a little hectic, and too short, but I learned so much from teaching and had a blast. Hope my students did too! I know a ton of ways to improve my lesson and hope to have another opportunity at another Workshop Weekend, or even through Skillshare.

Cross stitching isn't something most people want to learn. It's not quite cool, it doesn't have a hip following like knitting does. But it's easy, accessible, and you can make some great pixel art from it. There are so many possibilities. It's by far my favorite craft. I tried to garner interest by calling it a "geeky" cross stitching class, and providing my students with old video game characters to stitch and turn into pins. I assembled a variety of patterns I mocked up in Excel from Space Invaders, Super Mario and Pacman. I can post my pattens later, but here is one of the finished pin demos.

3. Take a photo.
Now that I have a phone with a nice camera, I am taking photos constantly. The challenge for this one for me was to pick which photo I wanted to count. I settled for... a few.

First, was the Berkeley Bowl West shrine. I made an offering... can you pick it out?

Here's a close up:

(Pin demo #2 from my class!) And for good measure, I'll throw in a picture of the produce section...

Oh Berkeley Bowl West. I miss you!

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