Saturday, March 3, 2012

GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Art Every Day


I can't resist a challenge. Especially 30-day challenges, and especially art. While my track record with such challenges hasn't been the best (see here and here!) I'm compelled to take on this challenge from GOOD: make time for art in your life. This is especially important to me recently because I've been so busy I haven't had time to make as much as I used to.

One thing I like about this challenge is that they give you 31 things for the month of March, but say you can do one a day, or them all in a week - just as long as you finish as many as you can in a month. In the past, I've tried to make one thing every day and some days it was near impossible. I like this flexible approach - let's see how it goes! The 31 things (I'll cross off and link as I go along!):

1. Visit a museum or a gallery.
2. Take a street art walking tour.
3. Take a photo.
4. Research an artist.
5. Create something hand made and give it to someone.
6. Sign up for an art class.
7. Create a floral or stone arrangement.
8. Make a self portrait.
9. Doodle for 10 minutes straight.
10. Frame something you have been meaning to frame.
11. Sketch somebody and give them the picture.
12. Create a font type for your name.
13. Create a business card.
14. Check out an art book at the library.
15. Break something. (You have to destroy in order to create!)
16. Make a collage.
17. Support the local arts scene by going to a local festival, music event, art show, play, museum exhibit, etc.
18. Make a card for someone you love.
19. Make an inspiration board (moodboard) for a future project.
20. Draw some chalk art on the sidewalk.
21. Make origami.
22. Finger paint.
23. Illustrate a song that inspires you.
24. Add an art blog's RSS feed to your reader.
25. Draw the best part of today.
26. Send a friend a link to your favorite artist's work.
27. Create a place in your home to store your create supplies.
28. Close your eyes and draw for 5 minutes.
29. Draw yourself as a cartoon.
30. Take your camera with you on a walk and record the experience.
31.  Create an artist's workspace in your home.

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